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A couple of decades ago, I fell almost by accident into writing about science and technology. The discoveries and gizmos were entertaining enough in their own right, but I grew more fascinated by what produced them: human dreams, cultural obsessions, and political power. From popular food crops to modern digital maps, our machines reflect our culture and our politics.

On this site, I've pulled together some of my own writing and links to work by other people whom I find interesting.

My most recent book is called Master Mind, about the chemist Fritz Haber.  It came out in 2005.  In the United Kingdom, it's called Between Genius and Genocide:  The Tragedy of Fritz Haber, Father of Chemical Warfare.  Haber's life is a parable of science's potential for good and for evil. Check it out.

In an earlier book, Lords of the Harvest, I investigated the origins of genetically engineered crops. The book was published by Perseus Publishing, which is now part of Basic Books.

From 1993 to 1999, I was a technology correspondent for National Public Radio.  In 2011, I returned to NPR to cover food and agriculture.

Here's a more official-sounding biography.

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